Saturday 25 January 2020


I couldn't make sense of this at all, but I think I might have solved it. I think Kirkup has confused Jon Caldara with our own John Sweeney.

They do look a bit alike. But not very. Talking of which, there's a weird thing going on at Facebook. Following that free speech award, apparently, if a Danish MP mentions Tommy Robinson on Facebook it's OK, but if anyone else does, their FB account is zapped.


  1. There are so many Johns and Jons in the business it's best to give them individual soubriquets, Trump-style. It's "Mad John" for Sweeney. "Lonely Jon" for Sopel (stuck outside the White House looking through the bars of the iron fence at the brightly lit receptions going on inside). And so on...

  2. It's "The Democrat Party's Jon"
    .. isn't it ?

    1. It is now!

      Though that could be confusing as I always call Anthony Zurcher "the registered Democrat".


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