Sunday 26 January 2020

Who's this?

Anna's back:
Jonathan Bullock MEP (Brexit Party): I’m on BBC Politics East Midlands at 10am today (Sunday) alongside Anna Soubry to discuss Brexit finally happening. I will be magnanimous!
A Libertarian Rebel: Shocking - but not surprising - that despite the defeat of her cause & her own emphatic ejection as their MP by her former Broxtowe voters, the biased BBC is still trotting out the anti-democratic pro-Remain rent-a-gob Soubry. Give her hell, Jonathan.


  1. I've noted that the BBC have got Soubry and Gauke on life support. Why? Where is Samira Ahmed who was so concerned about non MP politicians being invited onto BBC programmes...when it was Nigel Farage.

  2. Something to do with her background in the media as a journalist and tv presenter? That, along with Remainer mania, possibly makes them see her one of their own.


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