Saturday 25 January 2020

John v Jane

Hard-done-by Jane Garvey

John Humphrys isn't letting go quite yet. Here he is giving Jane Garvey both barrels in his Daily Mail column today, beginning with the 'gender pay gap' business:
It still grates to hear presenters such as Garvey behave as though they are making a heroic sacrifice for humanity rather than enjoying a privileged job most people would sell their souls for. 
It's almost as annoying as hearing her on Woman's Hour this week stating as indisputable fact that men do not experience the joy of newborn babies as women do. How does she know?
This is what got John goat. It's from Monday's Woman's Hour:
But can I just go back to...I mean, this is emotive stuff...but to that compulsion to become a mother? You understand this because you enjoyed the process. There is... there's no high like it, Marilyn. You and I know that when you see your newborn child. No man will ever experience it. It's something off the scale of joy surely?

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  1. I suppose Mother Courage has a point: by definition no man (well not yet, but give it time) can look on a new born child, knowing that this new life has been formed, cradled and nurtured inside their physical body for the best part of a year. So she's probably right. But on the other hand, how do you square the truth of that with Woman's Hour casual support for abortion up to full term, a rather gruesome obverse to Garvey's happy scene.


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