Friday 31 January 2020

In conclusion

Just to sum up the last two posts, here's something I've just written to a friend of the blog:

It only gets worse (though it helps us).

CBBC (a BBC children's channel) gets leftie political 'comedian' Nish Kumar to present an anti-Brexit children's programme called Horrible Histories. He sneers at Britain and Brexit. It's broadcast by the BBC on today of all days, Brexit Day, to a target audience of 6-12 years olds.

What is the BBC thinking of?

Hordes of people are now, rightly, up in arms about it and complaining. The BBC will, as ever, flannel but the programme was outrageously biased. 
It also got its facts wrong [over British history and tea, and Mozart] - and it's meant to be an educational programme.

And now Andrew Neil has piled in on it calling it "anti-British drivel of a high order" and asking "Was any of the licence fee used to produce something purely designed to demean us?"

It's another bad day for the BBC.


  1. The Great Pushback continues. Mr Neil is good in the scrum.

  2. How long will it take for critics of Kumar to be described as racist?

  3. I find it quite alarming how many people are asking “tell me which bit is factually incorrect” ie they believe it to be a fair representation.

    1. From my own experience in the BBC's dealing with a 'matter of fact' complaint, their line is that if a sufficient number of people are misinformed, then the BBC will cast doubt upon the fact. Usually, they will deflect blame by saying that 'the programme makers' believe this to be true, therefore we, as the BBC, have no view on accuracy of information. We should call this 'new truth' not 'post truth'.

  4. Didn't take long.

    1. Newsnight is running a clip on twitter with a footballer of girth making claims in % terms with no clarification from him or request from Marilyn Pepperoni Stick to substantiate.

      So I have.


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