Thursday 23 January 2020

Generous tribute

 Robin Aitken pays a generous tribute to the outgoing D.G. but concludes thusly:
"However the main item on the charge-sheet is his failure to tackle the obvious bias in the Corporation’s news output. Brexit is the issue that everyone talks about in this context but it is by no means the only one; from Trump, to climate change, to transgenderism, the BBC has nailed its colours firmly to the liberal mast. That is unfortunate when, by dint of December’s general election, it now faces a strong Tory government in a position, and possibly a mood, to settle old scores. 
For all his good points Lord Hall never showed the least interest in tackling this problem; there was no attempt to achieve any kind of political diversity among staff. Some voices, my own included, have been warning for years that unless the BBC tried harder to realise its fabled ‘impartiality’ there would one day be a reckoning. "


  1. The BBC is biased against everything that was accepted as the norm 60 or 70 years ago by pretty much everyone.

    Then we were patriotic, willing to save for what we couldn't afford, were usually honest and hard working, we had common sense and trust in those in authority (who were usually also honest) and most accepted Biblical values (the 10 commandments) as the accepted moral code to obey.

    Of the 10 commandments, the only one left accepted by nearly all is "Do no murder".. the rest (love God, have no idols, don't take the name of the Lord in vain, honour parents, keep the Sabbath holy, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not bear false witness, do not covet what others have) have gone by the wayside.

    The BBC bears false witness all the time not just with fake news but with omission of full facts and with twisting the words to denigrate everyone who doesn't share their left illiberal (for it is not tolerant of others) anti-capitalist pro-Green worldview. Its employees are greedy and overpaid who hate old fashioned family values and promote lifestyles of minorities that very few find at all something they would want for their own children and grandchildren to be like. Above all it seems to favour Islam and do its best to denigrate Christianity.. the bedrock on which our laws were once made - imagine how awful it would be if Sharia law were the bedrock of the law.

    Why the BBC has drifted so far to the Left is because it is full of the hippy generation who believed anything goes but that has become anything I think is OK goes and anything the old fuddy duddy folk do is to be mocked, ignored and despised as neanderthal or "extreme right".

    When light shines in the darkness the darkness tries to put out the light, and the BBC has been trying to present society in its image... and it is dark and not very nice because there is no love of fellow man or tolerance of fellow man but constant belittling of any whose worldview is not the same as the BBC employees and contractors.

    Standards are constantly lowered and the news is barely any better than the most down market tabloid in its content with just a few stories to fill the 10 to 30 minutes and lots of pictures (if TV) and opinion instead of news.

    Lord Hall has done little to improve matters, so someone new needs to be of a different mould to turn around the gravy train full of bloated so-called liberals and return it to what it was when Lord Reith started it. To inform truthfully and entertain rather than preach its liberal values ... comedy has become lefty sarcy not at all funny comments on life instead of jokes that are funny.

    1. Anon, you have written.... 'Of the 10 commandments, the only one left accepted by nearly all is "Do no murder" '

      What about the 200,000 abortions each year in the UK? Are they not murder?

  2. I think Robin Aitken's article was unnecessarily generous.

    To use a Remainer image, Lord Hall has been driving the truck towards the cliff edge at accelerating speed.

    He is reported to have apologised to diners for the BBC's failure to win the Referendum for Remain and promised to do more in future. He denied this, but given the nature of the BBC's subsequent coverage - a bare-face attempt to overturn the Referendum result - it is difficult to accept his denial. They are still at it on Newsnight, even as we exit the EU - still giving a platform to defunct Remainer celebs who now represent no one but themselves - people like Soubry and Gauke.

    We've had absolutely horrendous levels of bias against Brexit from the BBC.

    Under his tutelage we've seen the creation of the BBC Reality Check monster - with money being thrown away on tawdry opinion pieces masquerading as objective fact-based assessment.

    Now he leaves us with a second monster - "BBC Briefing" or what you might call "BBC Lying" - an attempt to impose monolithic pro-mass immigration beliefs on the whole of the UK.

    He has presided over the Settled Science Doctrine - a clamp down on all science seen as heretical by the consensus, with the BBC refusing to report the views of heretical scientists.

    We've seen the BBC try to destroy a man (Tommy Robinson) who, for all his faults, loves his country and has sought to prevent it being harmed. He turned tables on them exposing how the BBC lie to achieve results and how in the privacy of a well oiled lunch, leading BBC journalists are more racist, hateful, homophobic and sexist than the average person in the street. They have now made him a non-person.

    Hall did nothing to reinstate the reputation of Liz McKean, treated so appallingly over her Savile revelations.

    And, as Aitken admits, he failed completely in one of the most important responsibilities of a CEO - ensuring pay structures are in line with the law (even when the law is an ass).

    We've seen an appalling campaign against Israel - latest episode, Orla Guerin's offensive comments on the Auschwitz memorial.

    It's a dismal record. I don't expect anyone else that Clementi will appoint to be any better. Probably worse.

  3. I believe that the BBC is failing because of its abandonment of programming for 'The Arts' in general. Theatre, opera, music, niche cinema, painting, sculpture - all media where the artist at the fore. In recent times, it is the production techniques - CGI, electronic music, animation, and imagery that leads the content. TV drama from the BBC is loaded with PC ideology to the extent that programmes such as Silent Witness are little more than handy vehicles for the BBC to ram their overarching narrative down our throats. By the time all diversity targets are met, there is little space left for the ordinary, and the plot lines become relevant only to characters of the BBC's choosing. Diversity actually restricts artistic scope. The reasons we are told is the need to appeal to the young and the absent viewer. It hasn't occurred to the BBC yet that these groups they chase simply aren't interested in their output - it is tiresome.

    1. Arena used to be an excellent showcase for the arts until Yentob and his cohorts turned it into a PC-ridden diversity fest of mediocrity chosen with ethnicity at the fore instead of artistic excellence.

    2. Artists are often complex characters. Take Grayson Perry as an example - how often do we see his ceramic work? More often than not we see and hear him interviewed without reference to his work. The same goes for Gilbert and George and George the poet. Art is timeless - we can appreciate the artist through his/her work long after their deaths, but the converse isn't true - we can't appreciate their work from their interviews - however witty, personable and charismatic they might be.


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