Tuesday 21 January 2020

Stig retreats

Here's a little Twitter chat to brighten up your breakfast involving TLS editor/Front Row presenter Stig Abell, the LSE's Charles Beckett and Today's Justin Webb:

Stig Abell: People would like the BBC more, if the BBC talked about the BBC less. Just a thought.
Charlie Beckett: Any evidence for that? People seem obsessed by the BBC on Twitter, at least. Shouldn't an influential organisation that takes billions of public money have an open conversation about its future and what it does?
Stig Abell: It should. But it shouldn’t self-obsess in public. The BBC’s transparency is laudable. But at the moment its boss has gone and there will be an open recruitment: a story, but it doesn’t need hours of self-conscious musing. Which is what it gets.
Charlie Beckett: You are a super-informed media insider, so it's dull for you. Yes, it can be indulgent, but I can't think of a moment where wider public debate was more needed.
Stig Abell: Anyway this is a short way of me saying, yes, I’m applying for the job.
Justin Webb: After half eight: more money for BBC Front Row - the biggest test for the candidates ...šŸ˜Ž
Stig Abell: *bursts through the door, eyes gleaming*.

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