Wednesday 29 January 2020

The biter bit

I wonder if young Lewis Goodall will be experiencing schadenfreude today. He didn't take kindly to veteran ITV newsreader Alastair Stewart making repeated calls during the election for journalists like him to stop venting their opinions on Twitter. Guess what? Alastair Stewart has had to step down as an ITV newsreader today after "errors of judgement" in his own use of social media. (As far as I can see it's because he called someone/some people "a pr*ck"/"pr*cks".) It's a funny old world.

Update: Or was it this?

Further Update: The schadenfreude is already underway:
Mark Di Stefano (FT): The errr irony of Alastair Stewart "stepping down" for social media "errors of judgement" was he spent a lot of time on this website lashing (often young) broadcast journalists about impartiality with awful lecturing quote-tweets. Comes for us all, I guess...which is to say.... journalists who hyperventilate about how twitter does reputational damage to the profession shouldn't just be focusing on the genz-millennials on here.
Luke Jones (BBC): When the R4 programme I used to do was cancelled he kindly told me how shite it/I was.
Aasmah Mir (BBC): He was not a fan of me on Saturday Live and used to tweet about it. That was fun. Hey ho.


  1. Oh dear Alastair has blotted his copybook and incurred the ultimate penalty.

    ITV / ITN might take a look at their posing, pouting poster boy who seems a bit mixed up as to whether he's doing journalism, News reporting or personal friendship when it comes to a certain royal or ex-royal couple. But maybe they don't mind which, so long as the ratings are up.

  2. Oh look, it's that awful cackling woman from that awful Saturday morning programme. The radio now goes off in this house before she can start.

    1. same here
      I switch off cos of the inverted racism, agenda pushing and virtue sgnalling.

  3. Alastair - take a leaf out of Trump's playbook...never apologise, always attack. If you think they would give you any quarter, you are sadly mistaken.

    If I ever knew it, I had forgotten that Shakespeare quote was the source for the title of Aldous Huxley's much under-rated novel "Ape and Essence". Huxley is a completely neglected figure these days. A sad symptom of the "Officially Diverse" UK's wilful ignorance of its marvellous cultural heritage.

    Huxley, in the mid 20th century, examined (in fiction) many issues and dilemmas that we are now having to deal with in reality. He was a marvellous seer and sage. What a sad commentary on our country that probably only 2% or 3% of the whole population would know his name and be able to identify him as a novelist now.

  4. With the current woke culture you simply can’t make an ape/monkey comment anymore, especially if you are in the media. He should have learnt from Danny Baker.

    For an old hack he was very foolish or naive.

  5. See this tweet

    When a libmobbers throws out an accusation
    they are usually PROJECTING their own flaws
    So someone wisely checked the old tweets of that guy who was quick to shout "racist" at Alastair

    1. In grownupland context matters
      and shouting "racist" when no racism was intended is "bearing false witness"
      It's playground stuff, like if there is a mob shouting "racist" at the spotty kid
      .. that mob is just as evil as a group of white kids shouting a racist label at a black kid

  6. Sargon makes a good point in this video about Ash
    What does this new word "hate" mean ?

    Hate spreader = an accusation similar to "racist" that is used by libmob to uneven the debate playing field ,
    in fact to remove non-woke / non-libmob from the debate playing field.

    It was just used on Alastair Stewart on Katie Hopkins and George Galloway
    as it was used on TR.

    "Pym Fortuyn was assassinated during the 2002
    by a left-wing environmentalist and animal rights activist."

    No doubt influenced by lefty political hyperbole
    Debate that should not be banned, it was OK to challenge Fortuyn

    But note when people challenge libmob's dogma
    libmob disempower them by shouting HATE SPREADER
    and saying that those people should not even be allowed on the field of debate

    Yet those same libmob are themselves so full of hate that they do either join Antifa violence or fail to properly call it out.

  7. I merely observe what is coming out about the harridan at ITN who has sackofsatzd Alistair based on the offence assault by someone with a twitter history that is, as the Chinese say about quarantine effectiveness, 'interesting'.


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