Thursday 30 January 2020

Andrew Neil reality checks the BBC

Andrew Neil is really going for it tonight. 

On reading the latest Times headline PM wants Canada-style trade really with Brusselshe immediately replied: "Understood. But the problem is that Canada is not embedded in EU supply chains. The UK is". 

He then added, "To continue impartial reality, mantra, oft repeated by the BBC, that the EU holds all the cards, is not true either. The Eurozone is teetering on recession, it depends hugely on massive balance of payments surplus with UK. No deal would tip it into recession. Cards. But not all."

He's reality-checking his own BBC colleagues there. 

Is he thinking of Katya?


  1. Does Katya serve any purpose now? For forty plus years the BBC has ignored Europe (as distinct from the EEC/EU) and has only been interested in the EEC/EU when it has been critical of the UK.

    With so many race-baiting, trans-gender promoting stories from obscure parts of the world to headline why waste time on the EU?

    Auf wiedersehen Katja!

  2. I had to switch off the Brexitcast with audience. Was way too cringe-making.

    1. I knew better than to switch it on, having once heard it on Radio 4 some weeks ago. Typifies the excess of chatter that is the BBC.


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