Friday 17 January 2020

Forgive and forget

The BBC has (long) forsaken its loyal admirers in pursuit of its irredeemably unrequited love for woke youth. Ain’t gonna happen.

Not for the first time - I’ve said it before and I’m still saying it - ‘just like Marks and Sparks.’ And look what’s happening to that! Soon the Beeb will just have to rely on ‘food’. (Which, in a way, it already does)

I wonder what would happen if we were paid for blogging? I wonder how that would affect our output?  (I mean apart from my monthly stipend from Mossad) 

The fambley might appreciate it - it might even ameliorate some of the resentment one gets for time-wasting. Which is, after all, what I‘ve been doing for the last twelvty years.  Saying the same old stuff.  This must be what your careworn school-teacher, wedded to a wretched curriculum, feels like - oh dear, another new year - ‘nother new intake - here we go again, again.

I wouldn’t want to do this for a wage. That would oblige me to up-my-game. As it is, I’ll stick to the level of game to which I’ve become accustomed and the level of game that entitles me to make relatively trivial and bitchy observations.

(Hailstones now! Bloody global warming!)

Did anybody catch an interview with some chap recently - d’you know, I can’t actually remember who it was, but whoever-he-was kept saying ‘Look!” He peppered every utterance with the word ‘look’ - so much so that I began counting instead of listening to what he was trying to say (if anything.) 

Commanding one to ‘look’ every few seconds is quite patronising. It’s a kind of plea that implies one’s audience is incapable or unwilling to see reason - unlike Mr Reasonable who's 'splaining it to us.

A similar category of plea/command was evident in last night’s Question Time. It came in the form of a repetitive verbal-tic. An unintentionally revealing verbal-tic at that. Can you guess what it is yet? 

From Shami, the one who should be ashamed of herself for what she did. You know, the thing that no-one from the Beeb’s over-stuffed stable of aggressive, adversarial, 'devil’s advocate' interviewers has ever held her to account for.  

If she said it once she said it a hundred times. “Forgive me, but…” That’s it! She peppered her every utterance with it.

No, actually. I won't,  if that’s all the same to you. Whitewashing the antisemitism in the Labour Party is one thing. Taking a Baroness-ship is another. But continuing to show her annoying little face without an apology or a ‘sorry I got it all wrong” is really beyond the pale and quite unforgivable. The BBC is equally remiss for letting her come onto Q.T. and various other BBC political platforms as if nothing had happened. Her appearance is at once shamefaced and smug. How can you emote self-pity and self-righteousness all at the same time?

She’s got forked earlobes. I might as well mention that while I’m about it. Forked earlobes and, forgive me, a little ‘tache.


  1. Still basking in the look on her face when she tried the trusted 'but what about the wimmin?' on what was supposed to be a reliably woke ak-torrr and even the reliably on-message QT audience groaned when she did not realise when to bail.

    1. I’m assuming the actor is Lawrence Fox who was on the front page of the BBC News website. He apparently dared to challenge the woke audience member over the claim of racism towards Meghan. The BBC will no doubt justify this as the “Most Watched” article, but is this really front page news? Isn’t this whole story just an invention of the liberal media - just another opportunity to virtue signal? Which, to be fair does seem to be what the average BBC studio audience requires.


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