Sunday 12 January 2020

"The Dick Dastardly de nos jours"

As MB mentioned on the open thread, Jon Sopel's second book written while he's been the BBC's North America Editor is titled 'A Year at the Circus'. 

Here's a flavour of it:
"From Kim Jong-un and Kavanaugh to Merkel and the Mueller Inquiry – this is your insider guide to the Washington Circus. Roll up, roll up…" 
"Yes, there are things that happen where you do sort of think that maybe Donald Trump is a Bond villain, stroking a white pussycat, while carefully figuring out every move that will ultimately deliver him world domination. But there are other times when this presidency is more Austin Powers than Ernest Blofeld".
"Or maybe if I am going back through by television watching childhood it is more like the Wacky Races. The Dick Dastardly de nos jours careering along some mountain road, crashing into other vehicles, brakes failing, the wheels about to fall off, body parts crumpled, the engine about to seize,  black smoke belching out of the exhaust pipe - but somehow not only does the vehicle keep going, it often emerges as the winner, and out steps Donald Trump, hair unruffled and that half smile, half smirk firmly in place."


  1. No doubt Mr Sopel sees himself as Peter Perfect.

    1. With Katty Kay as Penelope Pitstop? ("Hay-ulp! OMG! Hay-ulp! OMG!").

    2. Ernst, John... Ernst.

      It really should be titled 'as near the WH as allowed unsupervised'.

      He seems to get flown in to host Today when local staff fly off to report on climate change catastrophes elsewhere. Unique.

      Thus inspired, I... am going to attempt a hyperlink though https is notoriously disastrous ...

      <a href="”>Jon, a professional?</a>

  2. The book cover imagery tells its own story. Sopel is at a considerable distance from the White House. He usually broadcasts from a pavement somewhere in DC. To promote the idea that he has an 'in' to the workings of White House is pure fiction indeed.

  3. In the words of Brenda from Bristol: Not ANOTHER one! This prompts a couple of questions. Is he even allowed into briefings since the President memorably declared the BBC another beauty?

    Second, I thought his job was so important, urgent and demanding that he had to be paid a correspondingly vast salary. At least that's what we heard at the time of the Carrie Gracie claim for equal pay as China Editor.

    And now we learn he's had time to write two books - not that I'd heard of the first one - and he also managed to squeeze in a stint presenting Today just recently. Isn't life grand!

  4. Charlie - thank you. I am clearly never destined to do this right.

    The spacing above was not me... what else did I get wrong?


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