Tuesday 21 January 2020



  1. Where do I send my £3? I nominate Jeremy Corbyn for next DG. That fills two awkward sits vac with one stone.

  2. A subtle reminder that if there's one thing you would expect a DG, a CEO, to be doing, it's making sure the organisation's pay policy is in line with legislation.

    Hall failed miserably with that "one thing" he had to do.

    Why are the BBC pretending he was a "safe pair of hands". His negligence has cost them millions and caused huge damage to their reputation.

    1. The government brought in the Equal Pay Act in 1970, giving five years for employers to get their equal pay systems in place.
      What seems extraordinary is that the BBC pays so much to layers and layers of management. And what for? I remember at the time of the Carrie Gracie case, they had an HR Director on over £400,000 a year. It's probably a bit less than that now but maybe not that much and still, with the recent Samira Ahmed debacle, the BBC's case was poorly prepared, poorly evidenced and full of laughable contradictions and failings which showed up the BBC as a right Fred Karno's circus of an organisation.

    2. They are addicted to pointless management...why on Earth did Hall sanction the creation of a "Director of Diverse Creativity" - whatever that is meant to manage.

    3. Appointments such as Director of Diverse Creativity June Sarpong, and Media Editor Amol Rajan seem to appear on the BBC's own programmes, the One Show, Pointless, Celebrity Mastermind, Richard Osman's House of Games etc. The plan seems to be that we get used to seeing their faces, so that when the BBC needs to put out an important message, their's are the faces we can trust.

      Amol Rajan is tasked with giving an earnest commentary on the forthcoming DG appointment. I find his style humourless, not in the least personable, and if anything slightly arrogant and bad-tempered.


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