Saturday 24 August 2013

"Getting it about right"

So, as might be expected, left-wingers on Twitter are reacting with glee to the report from Cardiff University 'proving' BBC bias in favour of right-wing perspectives. (For my take on it, please see below and for DB's take on it at Biased BBC please click here). 

This report, part-funded by the BBC Trust and part-written by the BBC's former head of news Richard Sambrook, will doubtless be used by the BBC to say that they are criticised from the Right and the the Left - and, thus, they must be getting it about right. 

That's as inevitable as the punchline of a Marcus Brigstocke joke. 

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  1. That's as inevitable as the urge to punch Marcus Brigstocke, he's a joke.

    There, fixed.



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