Saturday 3 August 2013

Oh, they don't mention me, I'm part of the union

I had to smile on reading this in the Spectator

Noting the Tories' recruitment of top Obama strategist Jim Messina (a scoop from the BBC's Allegra Stratton and the lead story on last night's Newsnight), David Blackburn adds: 
Meanwhile, this morning’s papers are full of ‘Unite run the Labour Party’ stories after yesterday’s MEP selection. 
Indeed they were. From The Times (behind its paywall) - Unite lines up Euro candidates to tighten its grip on Labour - to The Daily Telegraph Labour accused of union stitch-up over MEPs - and the Daily Mail - Miliband's union problem refuses to go away: 10 out of 11 regions choose Unite candidate to top Euro election lists - right through to The Sun (behind its paywall) - Unions' grip on Ed's Euro MP list 2/3rds of Labour hopefuls linked to barons - the right-leaning wing of the press went big with this embarrassing story for the Labour Party.

Now the left-leaning press - the Guardian and the Independent - chose to ignore the story (as is their prerogative, being left-leaning privately-funded newspapers). 

What of the publicly-funded BBC? Where did it stand? With the right-leaning press (reporting the story) or with the left-leaning press (ignoring the story)? 

Are you surprised that the BBC News website took exactly the same line as the Guardian and the Independent and chose not to report the story? 

They did report the top Tory and Labour MEP candidates for Wales in 2014 though, should you be interested.

[Ah, I see that Alan at Biased BBC is on the BBC's case here too.]

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