Friday 9 August 2013

Whose Point of View is it Anyway? (Part II)

Well, it's been a very long time coming but...put out the flags, because tonight's edition of Radio 4's weekly audio essay A Point of View featured a speaker who comes from a right-of-centre political perspective, as Professor Roger Scruton began his four-week series of talks about democracy. 

BBC Radio 4 listeners went through the entirety of 2010, 2011 and 2012 without a single right-wing speaker and, up till tonight, this year had been going exactly the same way. Throughout this period there had, of course, been many regular speakers from a left-of-centre political perspective. All of which gave off a particularly strong whiff of left-liberal BBC bias.  (See Whose Point of View is it Anyway?)

So Professor Scruton can take his place atop the list of past presenters of A Point of View. Hopefully, he'll be the first of several right-leaning speakers to feature over the coming years - though I won't be holding my breath about that.

Roger Scruton (9 Aug 2013-    )
Sarah Dunant (5 Jul-2 Aug 2013)
Tom Shakespeare (7 Jun-28 June 2013)
John Gray (26 Apr-31 May 2013)
Adam Gopnik (22 Mar-19 Apr 2013)
Lisa Jardine (22 Feb-15 Mar 2013)
David Cannadine (25 Jan-15 Feb 2013)
Will Self (14 Dec 2012-18 Jan 2013)
Onora O'Neill (7 Dec 2012)
Mary Beard (11 Nov-30 Nov 2012)
Martin Jacques (12 Oct-4 Nov 2012)
Sarah Dunant   (7 Sep-5 Oct 2012)
John Gray (13 Jul-31 Aug 2012)
Adam Gopnik (1 Jun-6 Jul 2012)
Will Self (20 Apr-25 May 2012)
David Cannadine (10 Feb-13 Apr 2012)
Lisa Jardine (30 Dec 2011-3 Feb 2012)
Simon Schama (29 Dec 2011)
Will Self (28 Dec 2011)
Sarah Dunant (27 Dec 2011)
John Gray  (26 Dec 2011)
Lisa Jardine (2 Dec-25 Dec 2011)
Mary Beard (4 Nov-25 Nov 2011)
Will Self  (30 Sep-28 Oct 2011)
John Gray  (19 Aug-23 Sep 2011
Alain de Botton  (8 Jul-12 Aug 2011)

(The programme took a break for over four months for David Attenborough's Life Stories)

Alain de Botton (5 Jan-11 Feb 2011)
Joan Bakewell  (19 Nov-31 Dec 2010)
Sarah Dunant  (8 Oct-12 Nov 2010)
Lisa Jardine  (30 Jul-1 Oct 2010)
David Cannadine  (21 May-23 Jul 2010)
Simon Schama  (12 Mar-14 May 2010)
Lisa Jardine  (1 Jan-5 Mar 2010)

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