Thursday 22 August 2013

Lead stories

Continuing to keep an eye on the lead stories of the day to check if the BBC is indeed being led by the nose by the Guardian....

....well, not today.

The lead story of the Guardian, Times, Independent and Daily Mirror is the apparent gas attack in Syria. The Telegraph has 'BBC licence cases make up one in 10 prosecutions'. The Daily Express has 'Millions hit by pension rip-off'. The Daily Mail goes with 'Exposed: Health supplement con'.  Sky News leads with Syria, as does ITV News. 

The BBC's top three stories are very much their own:

1. GCSE pupils receiving exam results ("More than 600,000 teenagers receive the results of their GCSE exams, amid reports that changes mean there will be "turbulence" in grades.")
2. Bo Xilai goes on trial in China. ("Bo Xilai, the disgraced Chinese politician once tipped for the highest levels of power, goes on trial, charged with corruption and abuse of power.")
3. Chief warns over military capacity ("The new chief of the defence staff warns that armed forces cuts mean the UK will have to lower expectations of its military capability in future.")

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