Wednesday 21 August 2013

The Salford Guardian (2)

Following on from the previous post and following an interesting suggestion from Span Ows at Biased BBC to test whether the Guardian really does lead the BBC by the nose, here's a list of all the front page stories of the UK's national newspapers this morning: 
Guardian - US and Britain at odds as NSA row deepens
Officials promoted bogus bomb detectors 
Daily Telegraph - The heart disease 'time bomb'
Briton hit by New York taxi loses her leg
Murderer first to challenge whole life term
32: the age we turn into our parents (no matter how hard we try)
The Olympic effect proves a flop as children of all ages opt our of sports
The Times - Fracking will cut energy bills, says poverty chief
Eurozone fears over new bailout for Greece
The Independent - Slavery in the city
Cabinet secretary dragged into Snowden row
Huge rise in the number of adoptions
FT - Treasury brandisheds £73bn bill as HS2 battle escalates
Banks hire traders in sign of upturn
City review urged after intern's death
The Star - Corrie 'sex row' starts set for Celeb B Bro
Daily Mirror - Dave's chillaxing..again. We're hol in this together, eh, PM? 
Daily Express - How a dog can save your life Blooming marvellous! 86 degrees F heatwave..and it's here to stay
Daily Mail - Young lack the grit to get jobs
The Sun - Exclusive: Insurance call centres set up in prisons
Gregg's girl: I got groped
So, which story is the BBC News website leading with this morning? The Telegraph's heart disease story? The Times's fracking story? The Indie's City of London story? The FT's HS2 story? 

No, the BBC News website is leading with...
No 10 contacted paper over secrets
Downing Street was involved in discussions with the Guardian about material it had obtained from US whistle-blower Edward Snowden, it emerges.
...just like the Guardian (for the third day in a row).

For comparison, the ITV News website is leading with 'Peru drug suspects charged' and Sky News with 'Peru drugs: British women formally charged'.

Roy Greenslade will be happy with the BBC again.

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