Wednesday 7 August 2013

North West Tonight

My local BBC news programme North West Tonight tonight featured as one of its lead stories the visit of David Cameron to a mosque in Bolton, in the wake of the murder of Lee Rigby. 

The report, by the programme's political editor Arif Ansari, was introduced by the programme's presenters as being about the feelings of local Muslims in the wake of the "backlash" against them in the wake of the killing: "Some members of the community have criticised David Cameron for not speaking out more strongly."

Arif reported from outside a local mosque, talking to some local Muslims, including Rashid Mogradia, "who is involved in various local Islamic charities and communities", who "feels somewhat let down by the Prime Minister" and who duly criticised Mr Cameron. Arif then talked to Labour councillor Afzal Khan, who said he "didn't see any substance" to the PM's visit and strongly criticised him for his tardiness.

Surely someone from the mosque could have been found to welcome Mr Cameron's visit on camera? Or someone else found to make points which reflect points of view other than those of aggrieved Muslims?

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