Tuesday 13 August 2013

“saw bias from the inside”

This is a striking scoop from DB at Biased BBC
Toby Young has written an article for the Jewish Chronicle about anti-Israeli bias in the British media. It drew this response from a parent at the West London Free School where Young is chairman of the governors:
@toadmeister BIG thank you for defending Israel, from WLFS parent/daughter of Israeli holocaust survivor/ex-BBC (saw bias from the inside)
Daughter of a Holocaust survivor, ex-BBC journalist: “saw bias from the inside”.

Hanna worked for the BBC from 1997-2012, for the last six years as a senior broadcast journalist. 

Here's a selection of her work for the BBC:

Audio slideshow: Birth in the 1940s

Audio slideshow: Rabbi Lionel Blue

'It was a miracle to leave Auschwitz'


  1. What did Hanna do about the drop of poison in every article that even remotely concerned Israel? Just asking?

    1. Yes, this does seem to be another example of an ex-BBC employee holding their tongue until they've left the corporation.


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