Thursday 22 August 2013

Posturing Redacted

“A spokeswoman for the BBC said that Kennedy’s remarks would be cut from the television screening because they did not “fall within the editorial remit of the Proms as a classical music festival."She added: “The Proms is not an appropriate place to foster political statements.”

Which seems quite right and proper to me. But the row is being framed to look as if it’s only “Jews” who are making a big fuss about the BBC’s decision to cut the political posturing out of Nigel Kennedy’s prom when it’s re-broadcast on BBC3.
 This is like deja-don’t-view all over again - echoes of the BBC’s other uncharacteristically sensible decision highjacked by the anti-Israel mob  when they chose not to air the DEC Gaza appeal on the BBC.

This one is not just a matter of the BBC’s impartiality. This time it’s the proms, of which the BBC  is rightly proud, and the integrity of which it regards itself custodian. Does the BBC want to turn it into a platform for political or commercial posturing? No.

“Dermot Kehoe, chief executive of the British Israel Communications and Research Centre (Bicom) said: “The BBC is right to ensure that artists do not use their airwaves as a personal platform, whether for commercial or political purposes.”
Another interested party,” I hear you say. Then there’s the way celebrities abuse their privileged status, which they are well aware automatically confers publicity and undeserved respect upon their random views. They are, after all, people admired for unrelated talents, be their opinions ill-informed and inflammatory or just plain daft.
“The BBC must protect its editorial integrity and impartiality. In this instance Nigel Kennedy's remarks were ill informed, untrue and inappropriate.”“Last night Kennedy’s manager, Terri Robson, signalled that she accepted the BBC’s decision to cut the comments – even though the violinist himself did not agree.She said: “Everyone in the music industry is aware that the proms television broadcast is a politics free zone as far as statements from the podium are concerned.”
So Nigel’s a loose cannon as far as his manager’s concerned. Well whaddya know.

The opinions of all those people who have jumped onto the Kennedy bandwagon - the usual clowns, some of whom seem positively unhinged, also have extra clout, being as ‘ow they’re also “Jews”.

The implication appears to be that it’s only Jews with their wicked lobbying who are objecting to the BBC ‘doing the right thing’, so their opinions can be discounted. In that case non-Jewish supporters of Israel and the testimonies of artists who perform there despite the death threats and vile hostility from haters, should count, in the eyes of the public, for much more.

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