Saturday 22 April 2017

A Shropshire Lass

This morning's Today programme found Sarah Montague among those blue remembered hills of Shropshire talking farming, Brexit and the general election. 

The main theme, which Sarah pursued as doggedly as A.E. Housman's Shropshire Lad pursued death, was the effect the loss of EU subsidies will have on UK farming. 

And she kept on talking about it being "EU funding". 

At no point did Sarah remind her listeners that this "EU money", apparently keeping UK farming afloat, ultimately came from UK contributions and that UK contributions to the EU's farming budget have been considerably larger than the amount we get back from the EU. So it's been us funding them, farming-wise, for years - not them funding us


  1. Lol - great post Craig. :) I heard some of one point it sounded like she was suggesting the cattle were going to be left to roam the countryside wild whilst we went without milk as soon as we "Brexit".

  2. It is ok. Soon every day will be a holiday and we can play in the fields with our free owls.

  3. Most outrageous of all was a commentator called Alan Buckwell, a rather enthusiastic supporter of Remain, who predicted the direst imaginable consequences after June 23 on Farming Today (, and is in the pay of the European Commission. Yesterday, Sarah Montague - bringing him on as an 'expert' - didn't bat an eyelid when he suggested that the solution to farming's intensifying woes was complete nationalisation of agriculture! To be fair, Owen Paterson (also an interviewee) introduced some sanity to the proceedings, but, as ever, there was no doubt which side her Ladyship was on.


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