Monday 17 April 2017


Here's a Twitter conversation this morning which I 'overheard'. Note how the 'complaints from both sides' trope gets taken up by the BBC defender:
Yvonne Johnston: Good to have @BBCMoreOrLess back on the radio. At least for those of us prepared to sort the data wheat from the chaff.
MsJones: True. But it doesn't become him when he defends the BBC against bias. It's his mates at the BBC.
Yvonne Johnston: It's on a BBC radio station but I understand the programme is made under the auspices of the OU.
MsJones: I trust the OU to be objective and neutral. But I don't understand why @TimHarford felt the need to defend the BBC against bias.
Yvonne Johnston: ‏But he does have a point that both the right and the left seem convinced that the BBC is biased against them. Are they both correct?
MsJones: That is surely a sign the BBC fails to achieve balance. If both sides of the argument were put in the same programme then would be unbiased.


  1. Complaints From Both Sides is a sure sign the BBC has failed to achieve balance? That doesn't even make sense.

    1. Quite. Neither of them can conceive that it's possible for the BBC to be biased in various directions against the Right, Scottish nationalists and the far-Left (for example) whilst at the same time being biased in favour of the soggy left-liberal Establishment 'centre'.


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