Saturday 29 April 2017

"Injecting a bit of realism"

Another beauty?

And, on a similar front, the following report from Damian Grammaticas on tonight's BBC One early evening news bulletin reported the remaining EU's position whilst framing it in terms of Angela Merkel's talk of British "illusions". Damian then added, without appearing to quote either directly or indirectly, and thus giving the impression that he was 'telling it how he sees it'...:
What EU leaders are most worried about is what Angela Merkel has called "illusions" on the British side about what can be achieved in Brexit negotiations. This process today is about injecting a bit of realism into the debate: The EU's red lines. 
Then came a clip from a Mrs Merkel press conference where our Damian, like Chris Morris before him, was shown NOT exactlasking the German leader tough questions from the opposite standpoint (the British pro-Brexit standpoint): 
What illusions do you think some in the UK harbour?
Further EU points followed, from EU spokesman and Damian himself, all pointing to the difficulties for the UK. Anyone waiting for a British pro-Brexit riposte or some points from the BBC reporter putting the counter arguments (for the sake of balance)...


.... will have been left waiting. It was the EU's case, presented as "firm" and "very clear", all the way.

P.S. Though ITV's coverage this evening reported much the same thing, they did at least cite the views of Theresa May and David Davis and described the EU summit as "a carefully staged show of unity" - and that's a good deal more than the BBC did. 

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  1. OK - since the BBC journos can't ask tough questions of EU Leaders, why don't we help them:

    For Merkel: "Isn't the truth that you are desperate for British contributions to the EU because by inviting in one million undocumented migrants you have landed yourself with a bill running into tens of billions of Euros every year and that bill is going to rise and rise as you admit their dependents and spouses?"

    To Hollande: "Can you guarantee the 150,000 French citizens who live in the UK who may have to return if you don't reach a deal a job and a home when they return to France and can you tell us when your state of emergency will be lifted?"

    To the Spanish whoever: "Why do you think it's reasonable to ask for the return of Gibraltar when you occupy two territories in Morocco?"

    To any ex Soviet occupied country: "Why are you testing our patience like this when we have always backed your independence and are only looking for a reasonable mutually beneficial deal?"

    To Tusk: "You claim to be Polish but speak like Gestapo interrogator in a bad WW2 film -what's going on?"


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