Thursday 20 April 2017

Speak your brane

While we’re on the subject of Facebook, a couple of days ago I sent a message to Craig that went something like this:

“Talking of impartiality, remember what I wrote in the early days of the blog? I said I thought that true impartiality is well nigh unachievable unless the entire human race and the animal kingdom are force-tagged from birth with recording devices - a head-cam (or as science progresses a mind-reading device.) All inanimate objects must have fully operational CCTV at all times, pointing in all directions.Then all thoughts, sights and experiences are to be live-streamed everywhere indiscriminately and simultaneously for ever and ever ad infinitum." No more selectivity from the likes of the BBC, Sky, Channel 4,  al-Jaz or RT.  Just billions of ‘everywhere all-the-time’ screens continuously, live.”

Of course I was being flippant then but I’m not laughing quite so much now.


  1. I am less concerned at present levels of Facebook tech.

    My timeline just got intruded upon there by a 'suggested' ad for Jeremy Corbyn.

    Wisely not opportunity to comment, but sporting a grand total of three 'likes'.

    Sadly I was unable to add to this count from my position on the floor.

  2. Trump's press secretary gets tricked into faux Holocaust Denial; media go mental.
    BBC pushes spencer Tunik
    No problem. What do you think it looks like?


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