Saturday 15 April 2017


The appalling murder of Hannah Bladon by a Palestinian in Jerusalem remains as one of the top stories on the Sky News and ITV News websites (in 7th and 3rd place respectively). It is, however, nowhere to be found now among the (13) top news stories featured on the BBC News website, nor is it on the BBC's World page. The story has been relegated to the BBC's Middle East page. 

The other remarkable thing about the BBC's coverage is that, again unlike ITV or Sky, the BBC website has chosen not to publish a photograph of Ms Bladon.

Update (10.00): The BBC has now re-instated the story onto its home page and has now included a photograph of Hannah Bladon. 

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  1. Top story on BBC Radio News: North Korea.

    Fair enough...

    Second billing?

    Kelvin MacKenzie's suspension from the Sun for annoying scousers and a bit of alleged racism against someone whose Grandad was black.


    When they could have chosen Syria, North Africa, the fight against IS in Iraq, the ongoing war in Afghanistan...the murder of the Ahmadi or humanist in Pakistan... the huge leap in Italy's immigration...or closer to home any number of fatal stabbings...the Brexit negotiations...or indeed the murder of Hannah Bladon.

    Kelvin MacKenzie!


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