Saturday 8 April 2017

Twits, spats and tw*ts

Looking at Twitter can be a depressing experience. Look at this extraordinary Tweet from disgraced ‘charity fat-cat’ and widower of murdered MP Jo.
Brendan Cox Tweeted a couple of days after the Westminster ‘vehicular attack’.
“Last few days has shown that the far right hate our country. They used a terror attack to denigrate it. They are no patriots.”

I stumbled upon it when I was looking at professor Steven Barnett ’s re-tweets. (Mar 25th) 

Also on that platform, amongst various references to “Hopkins” (He’s not a great fan) and Fox News, (not a fan) I spotted something by “the Secret Barrister” relating to Katie Hopkins’s spat with Jack Monroe and Laurie Penny, which, as  you are probably  aware, eventually cost Ms. H. a huge fine, (£131,000) the magnitude of which was grossly inflated through her intransigence. (she could have settled earlier with an apology and a donation of £5,000)

(Incidentally here’s something about another case I blogged recently, which might be of interest.)

Her intransigence. Whether or not you agree with the gist of her trolling (I often do - but not always) her intransigence was patently ridiculous, and reminds me of - you’ll be able to guess - Ken. No, not Dodd. The other one. Will he be getting a fine?
This is leading up to an excuse to advertise a number of posts about this subject, which I’m only going to link to, knowing that it’s a comparatively specialised topic that holds little interest for many, more’s the pity.

and finally, Marcus Dysch again.:
It has allowed cranks and nutters, whose pathetic expressions were once dismissed out of hand, to feel as though they are part of normal society, and that the matter of Jew-hatred is open to the same sort of rigorous debate as Brexit, house prices and the football. 
Mr Livingstone’s case has, to a large degree, normalised antisemitism. It is no longer a taboo subject. “
This is a meandering tale with no middle, beginning or ending, with perhaps only an indirect connection with the BBC, and I can’t even say I rest my case, because I don’t.


  1. Calling Nigel Farage and Katy Hopkins "Far Right" is absurd. They are both committed to democracy, free speech and a harmonious society. It is the virtue signallers who want to deny democracy (undo the referendum vote), undermine free speech (no platforming of any views they dislike) and set one section of society against another (class war, young v old, black v. white, promoting Sharia etc).

  2. Heard on BBC Radio news today. Lyse Doucet informs us that ETA's surrender of arms will bring to a close the last insurgency in Europe.

    Er...isn't she forgetting a rather large insurgency that's going on at this moment across the whole of Europe from Stockholm to St Petersburg, from Brussels to Berlin and from London to Larnaka?

    1. Maybe because it's not an insurgency ... it's an invasion.

  3. This is a complex post...and conflates a few things that need disentangling.
    1. Katie was quite right to stick to her guns. Yes, she made an error in confusing Monroe with Penney-and retracted quickly enough. It was Monroes gloating to get a donation to one of her pet charities that would up Hopkins...I too would have known this to be a gratuitous insult, as Katie knew all too well.
    2. The ruling is deliberate and intended to limit speech to PC nostrums-Katie deserves more support, how she swings-so too will we. So we need to rise up as our own get picked off.
    3.One example would be the Jon Platt case-have yet to hear ONE voice from the "right" that backs him...again, as we let the liberal left weaponise the NHS and education systems-we don`t deserve to win unless we back those who hate the left loving state that is simply shrink wrapping us all for Islam.


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