Friday 14 April 2017

Let Beatrice and Eugenie play in an olive tree, please do

This is a little off topic, but have you seen Channel 4’s “The Windsors”?  The best characters are ‘Yorkies’ - ‘Beatrice’ and ‘Eugenie’, the gormless, work-shy princesses. 
The 'Fergie' is portrayed as giggly and dumb; too stupid to digest the fact that the 'firm' regards her as toxic. 

Well, apart from the giggling, reality is truer than fiction as you can see in this filmed report of the good duchess's visit to Bethlehem. H/T Daphne Anson.

 "pity she's so ignorant of the case for Israel" says Daphne Anson.

Well, she's certainly that. But her performance in this film is at least as funny as anything from the Windsors. Eat your heart out, David Brent.

Fergie’s choice of attire was always a source of amusement and her get-up for this visit to Bethlehem to support the Palestinian people was a corker.  I can’t imagine what prompted her to wear that fussy jacket, the ugliest I think I’ve ever, ever, seen, thrown over a flared, above the knee dress. But there she was with her lolloping, bovine, flat-footed gait, laying hands on the ill and the unfortunate; touchy-feely like Diana, and Christ-like, were David Brent ever to do ‘spiritual’. (Perhaps he did)

Her speeches to camera were straight out of “the Office’ crossed with ’The Windsors’. 

“I think the most important thing is, again, is what I say here to be, to be the voice of silent whispers and I’m very and I’m very happy to be here and to see how I can learn how to go out onto the global stage to, to help people… give the key to freedom, er we call it the key to freedom - I call it the key to freedom - what we do is we, we, we go into areas like here, and we, I look at the beautiful work, and the fantastic sewing and work downstairs, sewing (selling?) and I go on the public stage and say DON’T Forget the Palestinian  people - DON’T forget that everyone is entitled to the key to freedom -t he key to freedom is dignity, self respect and… Health!

“I’m here today. I’m not a politician, I’m not, um, here…. as anything else but just a person that really believes in the Palestinian people  - and the peepul of this area…in.. and really supporting them - Dr. Ranzi Kanis (phonetic) and Dr. Edmund, to, in order to really, to really ugh sort of say, come on, lets support what’s already, already great, and make it even bedder. 

Well, what I say is that I - I am here as the mother of two beautiful girls, and as the mother….of two beautiful girls, and if i suddenly was unable to give my girls the right to go….and play in an olive tree. …..or to go to school where they normally were going to school because e somebody has put a wall there, I would be very upset as a mother, from, for my children.  

And if my children can’t have a heart operation but the people on the other side of the wall can have a heart  operation I would be very unhappy as a mother, so I’m standing here as a family unity of help of hoping and supporting the people that have done a…..
At which point a voice-over cut in. 

Part stream of consciousness, part outright stupid. 

Give her that operation, do! Let her two beautiful girls play in that olive tree, please. I can just see them up there, with their fascinators, yah.


  1. Dr Ramzi Khamis is the correct name - the cardiac surgeon who recently operated on Baroness Tonge at Hammersmith Hospital.

  2. Oh well., nearly but not quite!

    Is he peripatetic then? Not locked in behind a wall or anything.

    Hope he didn’t compromise the Baroness’s political position by using any Israeli type medical equipment.

  3. No hate here.. The doctor considers himself to be British first. A really nice chap trying to make bridges. Works closely with both Israeli and Palestinian physicians and hospitals. Many Jewish/Israeli friends and massive supporters including me.

    1. Good for him, Avi. I hadn’t heard of him before.

      You say Dr. Khamis works closely with Israelis?
      No doubt when she came round from the anaesthetic Baroness Tonge made sure all her organs were intact. Israelis harvest them, don’t you know.


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