Sunday 23 April 2017

John Simpson plays 'Only Connect'

John Simpson, the BBC's World Affairs Editor, has a piece in The New Statesman about Turkey's President Erdogan. He's clearly not a fan. 

Nor, as we already know, is he much of a fan of Brexit (or Donald Trump) either. His article ends by saying, "It’s been impossible not to be reminded of the Trump campaign and of Brexit here during the past week or so" - and here's why:
Erdogan’s aura of legitimacy has been weakened. Like Trump, like the Brexiteers, he only just managed to squeak through; like them, he and his allies are shouting loudly about the will of the people and the duty of everyone else to accept the result. And like them, his instinctive response in victory is to be aggressive. 
It's interesting how he ties everything he doesn't like (Erdogan, Trump, Brexit supporters) into one easy-to-handle parcel of unpleasantness. It's all very easy for him.

And, as we've previously noted, this kind of thing isn't exactly absent from his actual BBC reporting either.

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