Friday 7 April 2017

Wailing Lord Hall

As noted by David P. on the last open thread, a fine article about BBC bias by Simon Jenkins in the Guardian includes a remarkable passing comment about the BBC's director-general:
After the Brexit vote last June, Robinson’s boss, Lord Hall, went round the London dinner circuit wailing that BBC balance had “lost us the election”. It had given too much credibility to leave. 
It's the first I'd heard of that. Has it been reported elsewhere?

If Lord Hall did behave like that then that's surely a serious breach of BBC impartiality by the corporation's editor-in-chief. 

Or am I missing something?


  1. Spock: "Yes you are being logical Captain. But, on this occasion...too logical."

  2. When I saw it, I had a vague sense of having seen it before, but haven't been able to figure out where or when. I'm sure I've somebody say that the BBC's 'impartiality' cost the referendum by giving too much credibility to Leave lies, but don't remember it being Hall. Surely some Remainaic idiots have said it.

    1. Could it have been John Simpson? He certainly said something to that effect:

      The Spectator reports a BBC statement denying that Lord Hall ever said what Simon Jenkins said he said:

      "The words attributed to Tony Hall in the Guardian are not his; he has never made any such statement or assertion; they do not reflect his view in any way; and, the BBC has no regrets about its coverage of the campaign."

      The ball is in Simon Jenkins's court.

    2. First Screaming Lord Sutch, now this?

      I wonder whether to lay in the popcorn or will the BBC and Graun have a nice lunch and deep six it?

    3. Yes, Simpson was the one, thanks. Good memory. As for the BBC denying Hall said "lost us the election", maybe it was James Naughtie. The official BBC position may be that they have no regrets about their referendum coverage, but a fair amount of Beeboids do regret it.


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