Sunday 27 May 2018

Bias on demand?

Yesterday's Irish referendum result (after voting on Friday) backing liberalisation of Ireland's abortion laws has still been the story for the BBC today. The politically-focused programmes on Radio 4 - Sunday, Broadcasting House and The World This Weekend - all majored on it; indeed, BH was a 'Special' broadcast from Dublin. 

The World This Weekend was the one where the focus, signalled in the news bulletins earlier, shifted most emphatically to the calls for Northern Ireland to hold a referendum, against the wishes of Mrs May's proper-uppers in the DUP. 

And the most-viewed news bulletins - those on BBC One - have been leading with those calls all day. The BBC's new Ireland correspondent Emma Vardy was talking on tonight's BBC Weekend News about Northern Ireland being seen as "drastically out of step". 

The BBC decided to make those calls their main story. They could have chosen otherwise. 

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  1. The BBC with £5 billion in its pocket every year pursues its goals relentlessly.

    Having got their desired result in the Republic of Ireland, they now seek to maximise their advantage from it. They really couldn't give a toss about women in N Ireland. If it was a question of women in N Ireland v. stopping Brexit they would throw the women overboard immediately. The BBC aren't principled in that sort of way, any more than the Vatican are...

    The BBC now seek to take full advantage of the Republic's referendum to try and destabilise the DUP-Conservative agreement.

    Part of the BBC ethos is this mutual group hug thing, so they all think (even Emily Maitlis, Adrian Chiles and Mishal Husain) that they are very, very clever. So even though most of them are quite thick they really think they understand politics and how government works (the really intelligent people, you might be surprised to hear are in Parliament - obviously a minority of them - because that is where power resides).


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