Monday 28 May 2018

Same as yesterday

Tuning into Today (rather than Radio 3's Breakfast) at 8.10 for 'the big interview' I find that the BBC is still making the calls for the liberalisation of abortion laws in Northern Ireland its 'main story'. How much longer will they do so?


  1. For as long as the Conservative Government needs DUP support of course.
    This is clearly a pre-planned attack line. Ultimate aim is to stop Brexit.
    The BBC really is the "state within a state" pushing it's own agenda without recourse to any electorate.

  2. Radio 4 hasn't given up its relentless devotion to the abortion referendum in Ireland. Another programme this morning: The Untold The Choice - introduced as being about
    a named woman returning home to Ireland to witness the results of the referendum

    The programme notes, clearly written before the referendum ("Tensions are high, and the result of the referendum could go either way. There are strong feelings on both sides of the debate, and the lead up to the referendum has brought this divide in Ireland to the fore." - so it was a planned programme) tell us that she had an abortion in England and was a campaigner for change. Surprise surprise. I didn't listen to it so I can't comment, except that there's already a built-in, stance with the selection of that particular woman with her particular experience, as the reporter.

  3. BBC continue to ramp up the pressure today using one of their favourites, Shami Chakrabarti.

    NI abortion law: Reform 'a feminist test for May'


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