Thursday 31 May 2018

Piecing the story together

Oh no, I thought, on seeing the BBC News website headline:

Is this a BBC producer getting in trouble for egging on Frankie Boyle to make one of his more 'outrageous' anti-royal jokes? 

But no, the 'man' in question was just the usual Islamic fanatic preparing murderous terrorist attacks on the UK monarchy, shopping centres, the British army, sports stadiums and the UK's Jewish community.

Now, as Not a Sheep notes, the BBC's online coverage has previously focused on Prince George and the sports stadiums and hasn't previously mentioned his calls for attacks on Britain's Jews.

Even this article gives his intent to attack the UK's "Jewish communities" just two words. 

Reading about the story elsewhere, the would-be terrorist also called for other children's ice cream to be poisoned (a particularly troubling detail the BBC's account misses). 

The Daily Mail also has the horrifying detail that the ISIS fanatic "taught at the Mohamadi Mosque in Nelson, Lancashire". That's my dad's old town and I note that none of the BBC's online reports about him in recent months goes further than saying that he's from Nelson. That said, Dominic Casciani did call him "a teacher at a local mosque in Nelson" on BBC One's News at One (though he only mentioned the threats to Prince George and nothing else). 

You always have to read around quite a bit these days to get a proper picture of events.

And, within a short space of time, the story is now slipping out of the main headlines on the BBC home page. It's now in 11th place. 

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  1. I'm surprised that the BBC hasn't made an application to the Judge...for reporting restrictions to be they don't have to report anything at all.


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