Sunday 27 May 2018

Michael White on BBC bias

Michael White, former political editor and associate editor of The Guardian, makes a point this afternoon about BBC bias:

I think he's spot on about that.


  1. Yes, it didn't take long for the BBC News dept on all platforms to switch emphasis after the result of the Irish referendum towards the possibility of undermining the Conservative DUP coalition.

  2. Michael White - ex Guardian, now writing for the New European - talking something that sounds almost like sense. Wonders will never cease.

    I am, like most people I suspect, a kind of not very enthusiastic pro-abortionist but I find the claimed moral superiority of the pro-abortionists insufferable. This is a very tricky ethical area and a degree of humility is in order.

    Medical technology is going to turn this issue on its head again. Scientists have already been able to keep fetal lambs alive in artificial wombs for several weeks:

    Urban liberal types will soon have to address a new moral condundrum...will a mother be able to order doctors to switch off an artificial womb even though the foetal human is not in her body? I think then public sentiment will switch the other way, once you dissociate the pregnancy from the mother's body.

    Out of sight is out of mind, which is why the BBC - despite happily showing just about everything else - won't show an abortion on TV...they know how the public would react. Once you have fetal humans in artificial wombs, people will see for sure just how human-like they are.

    1. I'm a kind of not very enthusiastic pro-abortionist too but, like you, have found some of the pro-abortionists' responses hard to swallow.

      There was one - a young woman - on this morning's 'Broadcasting House' being pitted by the BBC against a conciliatory Catholic male, middle-aged/elderly anti-abortionist who accepted the result, was warm in his words about those on the other side of the referendum, and hoped that everyone would come together. She cried and accused him personally for defending the dark Ireland of the past. It made for very uncomfortable listening.


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