Monday 28 May 2018

When Emily Met Steve

More Bank Holiday Monday reading, maybe: Emily Maitlis, writing in The Times about her interview with Steve Bannon. It includes such things as this:
Moments before we record, my phone alarm goes off, to remind me to set the record button. I smack it off, sweating and mortified, realising in seconds that the opening chorus of Hamilton will start blaring out. It tells the story of a mixed-race immigrant who becomes an American founding father — could I wear my liberal bubble credentials any more overtly?


  1. Emily spreading Fake News as usual. From Wikipedia:

    "Speculation that Hamilton's mother was of mixed race, though persistent, is not substantiated by verifiable evidence."

    I thought the BBC were all for "verifiable evidence"...

    And, for the record, Hamilton was a slave trader.

    So, I guess Emily likes musicals presenting European slave traders in a positive light..."so far, so unclear" as she might say.

    Emily doesn't really do research does she?

  2. If she`s so appalled at having to meet scruffy oiks like Bannon-then why does she choose to fly out to Budapest to get an interview? Hypocrisy hardly covers it.


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