Thursday 31 May 2018

Paul Mason strikes again

Fans of everyone's favourite far-left ex-Newsnight economics editor Paul Mason might enjoy the following...

As reported in today's The Times, George Osborne's Evening Standard stands accused (by openDemocracy's James Cusick) of promising "six commercial giants (including Uber and Google) 'money-can’t-buy' news coverage in a lucrative deal, leaving millions of Londoners unaware of who’s paying for their news". The Evening Standard strongly denies this, but that hasn't stopped Paul Mason from making demands on Sarah Sands, the editor of the Today programme (and previously the editor of the Evening Standard):

A flaw in Paul's argument was quickly spotted...

...followed by gales of public hilarity. (Oh Paul!)

Incidentally, this story (or non-story) is arousing a lot of interest from prominent commentators on Twitter but not, as far as I can see, from the BBC yet. (Not even the not-very-shy-and-retiring BBC media editor Amol Rajan).

P.S. A conspiracy theorist has just told me, possibly or possibly not via BBC Trending's Mike Wendling, that the BBC is protecting anti-Brexit cheerleader George Osborne and his Evening Standard here because George is doing such a good job on the Brexit front. Should I believe that conspiracy theorist? 

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