Saturday 19 May 2018

East is east, and west is west...

When BBC One's News at Six kicks off with the Government's decision to place the East Coast mainline into public ownership (as it did on Wednesday) and the BBC's Transport Correspondent begins her main report on the story you would at least expect her to get the most basic facts right - or for the programme's editors to have spotted any particularly gruesome bloopers beforehand and corrected them. But Victoria Fritz's report on Wednesday began like this
They say bad luck comes in threes. Well, the Government will be hoping this is the last time it has to step in on the London to Glasgow line. Just three years after its latest privatisation, the East Coast rail line is heading back to state control.
The East Coast mainline, of course, goes from London to Edinburgh. It's the West Coast mainline that goes from London to Glasgow (via Lancaster).  

Standards are slipping at BBC News.

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