Tuesday 15 May 2018

Nakba; expurgated

I receive frequent messages from CUFI, which I assume is because Google tracks my search habits. In case you aren’t familiar with that acronym, it stands for Christians United For Israel. Funny thing is, I assumed (too much assuming?) that Christians were basically rather opposed to Israel. 

* Think Lucy Winkett Rector of St James's Church, Piccadilly, she of the Christmas “Tear down that Wall” stunt, “Bethlehem Unwrapped”.

* Think - TFTD regular, John Bell of the Iona community who, only the other day, reflected somewhat critically upon prejudice and bigotry, somehow overlooking his own antisemitism. 

* Then, of course, there’s Stephen Sizer. The less said about this person the better.

* I understood the Methodists aren’t exactly sympathetic to Israel. 

* Not to mention the whole Catholic “The Jews Killed Christ” shtick, which haunted many a Jew of the past generation, that is, before one of the modernising Popes imperiously announced he’d forgiven them.

It is being said that President Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem was influenced by pressure from the Evangelist lobby, his biggest supporters. They’re Christians; Christian Zionists who believe that a thriving Israel will hasten or have a positive effect on the ‘second coming’ or some such. 

But CUFI is a British organisation, and I don’t imagine they have very much to do with Trump’s folk. An assumption, I know. 

Anyway, CUFI’s latest message is well worth a look, even if only to counter the relentless anti-Israel rhetoric, which is all we’re getting from the mainstream media. 

I see the BBC has started telling viewers about the “Nakba”. They say the Nakba is:
“What the Palestinians see as their catastrophe when many hundreds of thousands fled or were driven out of their homes when Israel declared independence in 1948.” 
Don’t mention the war! I know people who actually believe that as soon as ‘Palestine’ was given to the Jews (moreover, given to them by the British who had no right to do so) hundreds of thousands of Arabs were forced from their homes at gunpoint by Jewish terrorists. Many people do not know that the Arabs instigated a war against Israel as soon as it became independent in 1948, assuming (wrongly) that they could achieve a swift and devastating wipe-out, eradicating the devilish Jewish interlopers.

However, on the BBC website, where they have a habit of ‘explaining’ the Background According to the BBC,  they have mentioned the war. In the paragraph headed The story in 100 words, they say:
“On 14 May 1948, Israel declared independence, and in a war which began the next day, up to 750,000 Palestinians who had lived on that land fled or were expelled from their homes.” 

Don’t you just admire the way they put it? “in a war which began the next day” You know, the kind of war that just happens for no apparent reason, like a kind of spontaneous combustion.

In the next paragraph ‘The story in 300 words’  it says:: 
“Most of the Arabs who lived in the area which became Israel fled or were expelled by Israeli forces in the 1948-49 war” 

That’s the pro-Palestinian version of events, which absolves the Arab leadership from its part in the expulsions, not to mention their disgraceful exploitation of the refugees that followed. Jeremy Bowen is at pains to inform viewers that this dispute “is about land”. 
No, you apologist for antisemitism. It’s about religion and it’s fuelled by Islamic supremacy and hatred of Jews.

Biased media  Sadly, and unsurprisingly, the mainstream channels in the UK have been demonising Israel with their biased reporting. 
Sky News, for example, decided to run this shocking headline on its homepage yesterday afternoon: “LIVE: Deaths as US embassy opens in Jerusalem”, deliberately intending on associating the fatalities to the US embassy move. 
This is clearly an attempt to paint the US decision as a problem rather than a solution. They are not the only ones, other media outlets are condemning Israel whilst looking away from the real crimes of Hamas. 
Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, has been defending his country on the airwaves. 
Let us join Ambassador Regev by adding our voices in defending Israel at this time.
As this image illustrates, at the very core of this aggression is hatred for the Jewish people and a hatred for the Jews having their own state. We must not remain silent at this time. We must stand with Israel. And we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


  1. You don't have to love Israel to still want it to survive and to agree that it there is nothing wrong with embassies being located in its capital of Jerusalem.

    Sensible people know that it was the Arabs who decided they didn't want peace and prosperity in the region, but rather would wish to try and eradicate the Jewish state, whose creation was approved as part of the partition agreement agreed upon by the UN.

    The real problem, apart from the religious nutters in Israel, is that the Arabs simply won't accept Israel's right to exist. Moreover the Palestinians have clearly decided not to create a state, preferring to cling to their victim status. As for Hamas, they are an explicitly genocidal project that any civilised person will find repugnant and reject out of hand.

    Can you have a feeding frenzy of virtue signalling? If you could, then look at all the BBC journos' twitter accounts and you will see they are frenzily signalling their virtuous empathy with the wonderful peaceful protestors. Where were they when Israelis were being stabbed, shot, bombed and driven into by Palestinian terrorists? Not even a crocodile tear for them.

    Personally I think it was daft of Zionists to pursue the project in their ancient homeland surrounded by 500 million manically hostile opponents. They should have gone for a slice of Germany. A Jewish European Republic in the old state of Bavaria would have been a just settlement accepted by everyone I think. However, history doesn't run on rational grounds. We are where we are, and if the West wants to hasten its suicide attempt, it will abandon Israel and give the region over to Islamic terrorists.

  2. Just like to add that Sky News' coverage is just as appallingly biased as the BBC's. Makes you wonder whether Qataris, Saudis or UAE are heavily invested in Sky's owners. They seem to bend over backwards to state the "Peaceful Palestinians" case.

  3. The BBC says:

    “On 14 May 1948, Israel declared independence, and in a war which began the next day, up to 750,000 Palestinians who had lived on that land fled or were expelled from their homes.”

    Clearly the verb in the first clause belongs to the action of Israel so it is a 'natural' assumption that Israel instigated the war of the second clause, (no other party being mentioned), the 'Palestinians' being the, (only), victims of that war.

  4. See http://netanyalynette.blogspot.co.il/2012/08/a-story-that-must-be-re-told.html

  5. the myth that the Palestinian Arabs fled because of Israeli forces in 1948 needs to be stopped being repeated .

    See http://netanyalynette.blogspot.co.il/2012/08/a-story-that-must-be-re-told.html

    1. Most fair minded historians have concluded that most Arabs vacated Israel because of an understandable wish to avoid the fast approaching war and through heeding of calls by Arab radio stations for people to remove themselves. A small minority were forced out. But Jews have also been violently driven out of their homes throughout the Middle East, and also from countries like Poland in Europe. Furthermore, if refugee status can be handed down from one generation to the next, as the UN contends, then most Jews must also be refugees.


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