Saturday 12 May 2018

"But it isn't looking good Caroline"

Barbara Plett Usher

 Here's the very start of BBC Radio 4's PM on Tuesday:
Carolyn Quinn: Will America stick with the Iran nuclear deal? In two hours time we'll find out from President Trump. Reporting live from Washington, Barbara Plett-Usher: 
Barbara Plett UsherWe don't know exactly what the President is going to say, but it isn't looking good Caroline. The latest reports say he's told the French president he'll withdraw from the accord.
"...but it isn't looking good Caroline (sic)" isn't looking particularly impartial either, is it?

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  1. Naqba! The new musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber featuring the classic song sung by the Yasser Arafat character "Don't Cry for Me Ms Plett Usher."

    This appears to be a rare outing by Babs. One of those infrequentyl observed BBC creatures who nevertheless are able to gorge themselves on the licence fee. I'd love to see a comparison of the work rate of BBC and ITV reporters in equivalent roles.


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