Thursday 31 May 2018

In the view of the ECU

For those who think The Two Peters (Hitchens and Oborne) are onto something when they complain about BBC bias towards the Syrian rebels, well, the BBC has conceded a fairly minor point to them and one of the Peters (Hitchens) is almost pleased:

The BBC's ECU (nothing to do with the EU, by the way, despite what you might think. It means Executive Complaints Unit), has published a short statement about its ruling about BBC One's News at Ten:

I do like the "In the view of the ECU, this sufficed to resolve the issue of complaint" bit there. That's very BBC! 'It may not be the complainant's view, despite the complainant being right, but it's ours and that's that!'

Tracking the report via the TV Eyes archive, I believe that the offending reporter (reporting the UN perspective) was Nick Bryant. 

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