Saturday 19 May 2018

#FBPE Follies

As diligent observers of the BBC News website, you'll probably have noticed that the BBC News website's front page yesterday had yesterday's news ('Pickles and Lilley among former Tory ministers to get peerages') that that the Government has nominated nine Conservatives to go alongside a nominee from the DUP and three nominees from Labour as new members of the House of Lords. The BBC News Channel and the main BBC One news bulletins covered it too. Today - the day after - that news has understandably slipped off the BBC's home page. Cue indignation from the #FBPE Brigade this morning:
Anthony Sumner #FBPE: Theresa May stuffing the Lords with Brexiteers gets no mention on the BBC front page this morning. Nothing. Parliamentary system: subverted. The BBC: Silent. Very Concerning: Understatement.
Baz Smith #FBPE: This is not acceptable - BBC failing the people.
Terry McKeown: BBC news arm now a disgrace.
(Rob Burley of the BBC replied to the last one, "What about the rest of our body?").

Of course, it's easy to mock such people for arriving a day late and then complaining that the BBC didn't report something when, if they'd arrived on time, they'd have seen wasn't the case at all and that the BBC reportedly it widely and prominently. 

And it's also easy to mock them for accusing Mrs May of "stuffing the Lords with Brexiteers" when she's actually stuffing the Lords with people who supported Remain (only Peter Lilley being a Brexiteer), though they may now support her Brexit plans.


Oh, actually there isn't a 'but' here. #complaintsfrombothsides.

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