Saturday 26 May 2018

Not on the BBC, not anywhere...


  1. The BBC News reports yesterday were dominated by the arrest and arraignment of Harvey Weinstein. Nick Bryant "New York" correspondent proudly reported that he "confronted" Mr Weinstein - actually he just shouted at him. Mr Bryant was not arrested.

  2. As the BBC says (above) "We live in dark times".

    1. Quite. Unless I'm missing something, it is SERIOUSLY chilling that someone - say a hypothetical person called 'Robbie Tomlinson' - could be arrested and sent to a UK prison for 13 months and that a UK judge coudl rule that NO ONE (media outlet or otherwise) is allowed to report that man's imprisonment.

      If this is really what's happened, then we are truly entering the 'dark times' imagined by Kafka and Orwell.


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