Sunday 6 May 2018

"Yeah, well just answer the question!"


  1. Three-way bias here. Formation of the panel re Brexit, audience scattered applause showing the bussed-in crowd were anti Brexit, and finally DD stuck without a wisecrack or diversionary comment - exposed.

    1. Monkey Brains6 May 2018 at 13:21

      Yes, the Bias is multi-layered.

      Re the audiences, the BBC allows these to be self-selecting (and left activists know to pretend to be Conservatives to get on as well) which means they are inherently biased.

      The BBC is a multi-billion pound organisation. They have no excuse for not having a scientifically representative pool of members of the public for each region from which they can draw a balanced audience.

      The chairing on both QT and AQ is relentlessly anti-Conservative, anti-Brexit, pro-public spending etc as seen in introductions, interventions and specious demands for clarification. Whether you like Piers Morgan or not Jonathan Dimbleby shouldn't rudely refer to him as Piers "Fake News" Morgan, to try and win an argument he (Dimbleby) started.

      The choice of questions is relentlessly pro-PC, pro-immigration, pro-EU, pro-public spending. Those that are not tend to be presented in a kind of coded language which is itself a type of bias.

  2. Note the silence and uncomfortable shifting when she says that she is probably the only Pro-Brexit panelist. None of them leap in to support her, leaving DD to lie that he has "no idea". He has a very clear idea even if he might be able to technically argue that he hasn't explicitly asked the question of each of them.

  3. For Any Questions the audience is whoever turns up. For Question Time there used to be an application form which asked about personal details, including ethnicity or rather, skin colour - and possibly political leanings? Not sure about the political one. I don't know if that's still the system.


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