Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Guess who is to blame?

I see Matthew Price and Tina Daheley are still doing their daily podcast Beyond Today. 

Monday's edition asked the question Australian fires: who is to blame? The programme blamed the Australian government, the country's coal industry and, of course, Trump. 

There wasn't even a single mention of arson.

So what's Beyond Today like these days? Well, it's the kind of BBC programme where the presenter, here Matthew Price, can say things like this:
One of the things that makes this even sadder for a lot of Australians is that it almost feels a bit self-inflicted. The country's carbon footprint is massive. Australia's the third-largest exporter of fossil fuels. Every day you get these ships full of coal making their way out past the Great Barrier Reef heading up to China. Now, the climate change deniers - and some of them are in the Australian government - they say there is no link between their coal industry and the fires. They're wrong of course.
Wonder how big its audience is?


  1. Carbon Dioxide is used to suppress fires so the more the better?

    1. I've often thought the same until you realise that CO2 amounts to between 200 and 400 parts per million. It's a small part of the air we breath at ground level and no use at all for fighting fires.

    2. Sorry it was a joke against BBC arts graduates. Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems are used in enclosed spaces and displace atmospheric oxygen stopping combustion from continuing. That also means that people can't breathe so such systems are de-activated when people are in the enclosure. They have the advantage that they produce no damage or mess, unlike water and foam suppression systems.

  2. Reading that excerpt it seems that someone at the BBC actually thinks (?) that because Australia ships so much coal to China their country is burning down, no doubt deservedly. The indoctrination really works doesn't it. Talk about blaming the victim. I can hardly believe what I'm reading.