Wednesday, 8 January 2020

How dare they?

Man at work

Though blaming climate change for the wildfires in Australia, the BBC has nevertheless dispatched Clive Myrie to cover the story, despite already having two correspondents in the country (Shaimaa Khalil and Phil Mercer). I'm guessing Clive travelled there by plane rather than paddling by canoe.

Update: I see I'm not the only one who spotted this:
Kathy Gyngell: Clive Myrie reporting from Australia on BBC News at 10 tonight. Why has he been flown all the way there - bear in mind the major carbon footprint - when there’s a bureau on the ground?


  1. Clive tweeted "Our efforts today.
    #aussiefires #bbcnewsten #cobargo"
    The attached video does NOT have him in it !!!
    Instead it has a female US-ABC reporter Ginger Zee
    So is Clive's work a joint production with US-ABC ?

    1. The reason the beeboid Clive went to Cobargo was cos days earlier the lefty media had got a big win
      with a clip where PM Scott Morrison had arrived in town and residents had refused to shake his hand and screamed at him
      "Why were there only 4 fire trucks ?
      You Liberals won't get any votes in this town anymore"

      Clive was probably trying to help Global Warming and Australian Labor.

  2. He was already there on Jan 6th tweeted
    "Jan 6 Thanks folks. I’m getting a lot of grief for having the temerity to get on a plane and try to tell this story.
    Apparently if I’d stayed in London the U.K. would more than likely reach it’s carbon emission reduction targets by 2030.
    Note to self- must do better!

    There were few work tweets before that
    On Dec 22nd he was in UK, London, in a posh Georgian House
    "The view from my front window and the only nice thing to come out of all this **dreadful rain! **"