Thursday 30 March 2017

BBC World News: Always championing the truth

It’s not like me to post more than two pieces in one day but I couldn’t help bringing you BBC Watch’s latest article
I wasn’t particularly aware that if you are accessing the BBC website from outside the UK, you get adverts!

The advert featured here really tickled me! “BBC World News: Always championing the truth”
"We know you value the truth, and so do we. Our new TV advert examines what it really means to be a trusted news source. It highlights the elements at the core of rigorous journalism, which enable us to uphold the promise of being independent, impartial and honest. Always striving to champion the truth whatever obstacles might come our way."

Pity; Blogger won't let me embed the video. You'd have enjoyed it. This image will have to do. 

When you've always championed the truth........


  1. Actually World Service, at least the Radio version, is slightly better than Radio 4 and BBC News. But only slightly.

    I love spotting the BBC bias in the adjectives and adverbs they use. Brexit is always "looming"...negotiations are always "risky" and "complicated". Generally the UK is portrayed as "divided" and "uncertain" while the EU is "united" and "clear" in its response.

  2. They seem to have decided 'tell it often enough' may not be working.

    And hence have gone BIG to address this.

    So we get TRUTH... with added Trust.

    Good luck with that, BBC.

  3. It’s interesting that the BBC who consider themselves to be above the grubby world of advertising sponsored broadcasting, should resort to advertising to proclaim their worthiness.


    Wow! - how humiliating for Simon Jack. He had to issue a correction on Twitter about Lloyds moving their European business out of London. Thing is - I am sure he made the same "error" on BBC News reporting. Can't be rsed to search it out though.

    If you look through his Twitter feed though you can see how desperate he is to promote fake bad news about Brexit.

  5. Telling contretemps between Damain Grammaticus (toeing the official BBC line - EU tough, united and consistent on Brexit negotations) and Andrew Neil (EU have "softened their line"). Grammaticus looked quite panicked when Neil pursue this bit of heresy. :) (Daily Politics today about 12 min in I think).

    For what it's worth, I too detected a softening of the EU approach.

  6. The BBC are as corrupt as they come....they portray the news as the lucifarian aganda dictates.....just look at the Jimmy saville debacle....and the way Jeremy corbyn is being portrayed...


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