Tuesday 7 March 2017

What's wrong with everyone?

I was watching Broadchurch last night on ITV. 
The actress with the free-roaming accent was discussing the intimate details of the rape with the actress playing the traumatised victim. They were in a quiet cafe,  seated in unnaturally close proximity to the only other occupied table. 
I was still worrying about the wisdom of that when the actress with the free-roaming accent said to the actress playing the traumatised rape victim (who happened to be wearing no makeup whatsoever and sporting a severe grade 2 haircut) “You’re doing really well - you managed to get dressed, do your hair and make-up…. and meet me here”.  

I don’t know how the actress with the roaming accent, at once deeply Yorkshire and generic Westcountry, could have kept a straight face when delivering those lines, but deliver them she did.  In fact I think I did detect a fleeting smirk.

Poor Olivia Colman looked rough, and David Tennant looked like David Tennant , and unless things look up, I’m out.

The Netherland is having an identity crisis

Anyway, I turned on Newsnight halfway through, just in time to catch Gabriel Gatehouse’s report from Amsterdam, “where he grew up”.
Perhaps something imbibed in young Gabriel’s childhood accounts for his forthright disapproval of the racists and bigots who support Geert Wilders. 

Did you know that the Dutch used to be the most liberal people in the world? If not, you do now. 

However, Geert Wilders has put a stop to all that, Gabriel Gatehouse finds. Now they’re a bunch of racists. The good people who once railed against antisemitism, fascism and anti-drug laws  -  the most tolerant people in the world  - have suddenly, for no discernible reason other than the hypnotic charms of Machiavelli Geert Wilders, turned all racist and Islamophobic. Can you believe that? 

It’s inexplicable, and Gabriel Gatehouse is baffled and perplexed.   What has happened to the famous Dutch tolerance and liberalism? The famous Values, the freedom for all minority religions to practice as is their wont?
He consults the hippies of Amsterdam. We tolerated the Jews, so why can’t we tolerate the Muslims? asks Gabriel, in despair.

Does the Netherlands still want to be a place that’s open and inclusive? 
You might well be tolerant of both the chickens and the fox; until you put them in the same pen. Why, it’s as almost as though Gabriel Gatehouse thinks Islam is the religion of peace.

Evan… Even more inexplicable.

Evan Davis has obviously come straight to the studio from his cardboard mattress and hasn’t had time for a wash and a shave. He’s in a slightly hysterical mood.   He can’t contain his mirth when interviewing two Trump supporters, black siblings known as “Diamond and Silk.” 

The more the sisters contradicted him and accused him of disseminating fake news, the more Evan emoted abject disbelief. Haw can anyone, especially black people, take Donald Trump seriously let alone vote for him? wondered Evan. 
“You must know that he lied about how many people were at the inauguration, Everyone could see that it (the crowd) wasn’t as big as Obama’s …”  he sniggered.

“We were there. There were thousands upon thousands upon thousands….we saw it with our own eyes!” 
“That’s right!” said Perky or Pinky.

“I think it was easier to see from the camera positions at the top,” said Evan, gesticulating, “and you really could see that there were more people there under Obama than there were under Trump!”

“Why are you debating me with this question, because the inauguration is over?” asked the sister, at last changing tack.

“I’m just asking cos you obviously love the guy…..When he just says something that is just stupid, what do you think? I mean do you think that’s just Donald talking?” said Evan’, his voice rising with incredulity.

“Wait a minute. My president never says anything that’s stupid” said sister one, waving her pen. “You see, that’s what’s wrong with you left people. You all always want to be so politically correct. Well, he’s not politically correct, he’s honest and we love him for his honesty.”

That's what's wrong with you left people

“Everyone makes mistakes, and it would be very odd if Donald Trump didn’t make mistakes and I’m just wondering if you can think of anything —- can you think of anything he’s done, that was a mistake? Cos if you can’t it probably just tells us that you’re … you know… you’re just big fans and you’re just on his side come what may”

“We trust his judgement and that’s why we voted for him and not a politician”.

“Do you two ever disagree with each other on anything?”

“We agree to disagree, when we have a disagreement.” 
“That’s right.”

And Evan, amused in defeat, bruised but not broken, limped off to face another night staring at the stars with his dog, his sleeping bag and his cans of paint-stripper. 

Is that what’s wrong with left people? They’re just on the left, come what may?


  1. Good to know that Sebastian Gorkas defenestration of the Gollum troll that is Evan Davis didn`t teach him anything, If anything, the two black ladies were as far as it`s possible to be from Sebastian in terms of most things. But both know fake news and slithering idiocies when they hear them.
    Great to watch it-how he can summon up the fight to prevent his show sliding into the swamp as it continues its death rattle is going to be worth following.

  2. Gabriel Gatehouse's reports are sometimes more insightful than the average dross we get from the likes of Jenny Hill (Willkommen to Deustchland and all that). But the Dutch report was pretty pathetic. Unless I missed something, there was no mention of the traumatic murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh or the hounding out of the country of the brilliant and courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali. He also steered clear of
    the migrant crime issue. Overall it came across as a vanity piece.

    It's odd isn't it...BBC Fake News central refused to believe that attendance levels were indicative of popularity during the campaign when Trump was holding all those huge rallies, where - as he pointed out at the time - the Fake News media never panned round with the camera to show the size of the Trump rallies. Then when we get to the inauguration, size really does matter. But why then didn't the ever accurate and informative BBC tell the audience that Washington is a 90% Democrat city with a huge African-American population...enough to explain the inauguration crowd for Obama? Diamond and Silk were right to ignore Davis's attempts to rerun tired old memes.

  3. Obama lied all the time. Evan Davis never challenged an Obama worshiper over that.

    1. Yes, that occurred to me as well. Nothing was allowed to interrupt Obama worship.

  4. A shame that Newsnight didn't run this very thoughtful interview with the much persecuted Geert Wilders:


    He has some very wise things to say about the problems facing our societies in Western Europe.

  5. Despite its obsession with all things American, the BBC can't find space on its US and Canada page for this important story that the private sector added 298,000 job to the payroll in one month since Trump took over, exceeding expectations "hugely" one might say...


  6. News you will never see on BBC:


    Soros's ginormous funding of anti-Trump protest groups.

  7. Germany plans to spend over 90 billion Euros on dealing with the refugee crisis by 2020!!!


    Strangely, nothing about this on the BBC Website so far. They must look at Reuters...so why don't they think this is important?


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