Wednesday 22 March 2017


The BBC explains car-rammings and stabbings directed against Israelis  as  acts by frustrated Palestinian militants.  

Now the BBC has rediscovered the word ‘terror’, but how will they explain this identical act of terrorism? 


  1. They said it looks like the kind of attack jihadis want to carry out in Britain, so motives remain unknown, obviously. If nothing else, you can be sure Islamic jihad has nothing to do with Islam.

  2. It seems that the MSM and BBC take a different view when they are personally in the target speculation about mental illness, justified political objectives or anything else eqyally obscene.

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  4. Daily Politics today focussed almost entirely on security issues, and what in their view, the security services got wrong. The implied criticism by Laura Kuenssberg verged on the disgraceful. I always get the impression that her main concern is to demonstrate how clever and well-connected she is, rather that engage in what she is actually paid to do.

    1. There is a bit of 'Look at me!' with Laura K, but this time it seems she's right. Dopey James Forsyth over at the Spectator was gushing earlier about how wonderful it is that Parliament is a fortress, but now looks a fool after another post on the site showed just how easy it is to get in, and how bad it might have been on an off day when armed bodyguards weren't in the right place at the right time.

      Having said that, the BBC spending the whole time on security guards is rather missing the point of the day. Which is probably intentional. It's also too bad Laura won't be using her sharp eye to highlight the problems in the justice system and with politicians that created the environment in which this career criminal and known radical was allowed to run around freely.


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