Saturday 18 March 2017


Among this week's big BBC bias controversies has been the following tweet:

It certainly didn't get a favourable response on Twitter (or elsewhere), with some calling it "a new low" for the BBC to even be asking that question in that way. 

Samira Ahmed also used Twitter to canvass opinions, adding her own in the process:

Update (14:00): The BBC Asian Network has apologised:

Further update (20:00): This isn't the first time that the BBC Asian Network has posed a "provocative" question. This. for example, was asked in the days immediately after the brutal 'religiously motivated' murder of Glasgow Ahmadi shopkeeper Asad Shah by a Sunni Muslim (who claimed Mr Shah had "disrespected Islam"), and days before leaflets were found at a South London mosque calling for the slaughter of Ahmadis:

Further update (19/3, 11:30): You may have missed this yesterday (I did), but the BBC News website published an article about the BBC's apology. I came across it by chance just now.


  1. The tweeted "question" really is a bit shocking. Even to a hardened BBC cynic like me. Perhaps we need an investigation into the standards at the BBC Asian Network?

  2. Lazy young Beeboids. They didn't even bother to think how it would come across, nor did the adult supervision. Yet we know the BBC will go to great lengths not to appear anti-Islam or pro-Israel.


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