Saturday 25 March 2017

'Tory Kuenssberg'

Laura Kuenssberg is in trouble with the Corbynistas on Twitter again. They were absolutely infuriated by this tweet on Thursday:

They accused her of scoring cheap political anti-Corbyn points (and, of course, of being a "Tory"). 

Among the more restrained reactions were:

  • Wow! How low will you stoop to smear the man?
  • Using this situation as an excuse to attack Corbyn is nothing short of disgraceful. Have some respect, Laura, and take a day off.
  • This sort of tweet should be from a personal account - not via @BBCNews
  • Aren't you supposed to be unbiased? Cheap, politically-biased shot that does you and the BBC no credit.

Plus, apparently from a non-Corbynista:

  • I'm no fan of Corbyn. But was this tweet really necessary...?

They do have a point, don't they?


  1. They certainly do. May was visiting people in hospital as the PM of our country an official government position whose duties encompass such actions. We don't want a situation where the leader of the opposition feels the necessity to try and double up.

  2. Complaints From Both Sides. Delightful! No, I'm afraid they don't have a point. I'm on record here as saying there's a general anti-Corbyn bias at certain levels of the BBC, but not here. This is a fair juxtaposition of the two leaders' activities. It's not Laura K's fault that Corbyn doesn't come out looking good. He has form on not doing the right thing and being on the wrong side of these stories, and this fits right in with his history.

    However, Anonymous above has a point. Corbyn doesn't necessarily need to show up at the hospital as well. The press would just make a meal out of him standing there in the hall waiting for her to come out so he could go in anyway. So the complainers are wrong from that perspective as well. Maybe she could have added that he placed flowers or a teddy bear or something? If he did, that is.

    But I'd still stay it's fair enough to simply report what both are doing. Is she supposed to have pro-Corbyn bias instead and refrain from reporting something that might reflect badly on him?

    I'd say this is a case of the Corbynistas just hating it when the BBC reports something they don't like.

    Aside from that, anyone who thinks Laura K is a Tory needs their head examined. If there is any biased thought behind the tweet, she's really only pointing out that they need a new leader if they want to kick the nasty Tories out of power.

  3. The whole 'seen to be circus' has long become a bad joke, performed by weak leaders dancing to the tune of gutter media for whom there is no down side.

    Turn up and dance: cheap story, and plus points if a friend of the channel.

    Fail to do so, or in good time, or with the required template; major outrage opportunity, and ideological boot in potential if not making political points (sic).

    Or the now inevitable group of sombre, mute rellies lined up behind a table as a police ventriloquist intones what the system prefers the public hears. Certainly the semantic convolutions supposedly issued by these grieving families seldom seem likely penned by them.

    I often wonder if actual victims get a say.

    "We know you are in agony and want to rest in the company of your nearest and dearest, but the twats who got you in this state need a photo op and will be swinging by with the pap posse in 5 mins... 'M'kay? What's your name again?".

    Laura is nothing if not stoic. I still hark back to her days gushing on Twitter about the man god that was Ed lighting up a room simply by passing the threshold. Or getting on or off a train to somewhere.

    Now she does hospitals. And not camped outside offering 'not dead yet' updates on octogenarians. She is now in the entourage.

    'Reporting' the exact same thing. No wonder she decided to speak for the nation in the USA.

    Though that may have not gone as well as hoped.


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