Saturday 4 March 2017

Oscars! Oscars! Oscars!

This week's Newswatch discussed viewer complaints that the BBC's news programmes had far spent too much time on the fiasco at The Oscars, even devoting the first seven minutes of both the lunchtime and evening news programmes on BBC One to what they considered a relatively trivial story, while pushing more important news like the opening day of the official inquiry into sexual abuse down the news agenda. 

This post, however, will just record for posterity the delightful rant of viewer Mary - a rant so brilliantly delivered that it even made BBC controller of daily news programmes Gavin Allen grin:
I felt exactly the same as those two viewers that have just given their views. There was so much time spent on this one silly item, and I think my views were...from the Breakfast programme, where Dan Walker and Louise were trying desperately to keep the momentum going, and they were so excited, "Oh, we're going to the red carpet!", and we went to the red carpet and there was this poor man standing in a kilt, desperately trying to speak to somebody, and he couldn't get anybody to speak to him. And I think he'd have grabbed a cleaner if he could. And it was just silly. 
Gavin Allen, naturally, thought the BBC had got it "perfectly right". 

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