Thursday 23 March 2017

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I must admit the Guardian is good at this type of story. 


A terrorist rams his car into a crowd. Then he steps out and starts knifing civilians.

That was Wednesday in London, but in Israel it can be any day of the week.

So the terrorist attack at Westminster outside Parliament, which killed four, would surprise no Israeli, particularly as to this pattern of terrorism. In Israel it’s been going on for years…deadly car rammings and indiscriminate knifings as a method to strike fear into the heart of an entire population. 

Now the entire world knows how it feels, but it all begins in Israel, where Islamic terrorists try out new tactics to see how the rest of the world will respond. I call it spring training for Radical Islam. If the response is full support for Israel, we win, they lose.
But if the world says the terrorists had an excuse…if the world says Israel must give up more land to pacify Muslim extremists…we lose, they win. 

So yesterday violent Islam won again, this time in London, from where the UK’s foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, only a few weeks ago, warned Israel that it must absolutely abide by a two-state solution – must split itself in half to make happy Hamas, Abbas, the PA, the PLO and the rest of them that seek Israel’s destruction – along with the rest of Western civilization.
Does nothing get learned?


  • This has nothing to do with Islam and he does not represent Islam.
  • Claim it to be the religion of peace.
  • It’s blowback for the west being in the Middle East.
  • The guy was mentally ill.
  • It is “lone wolf attack.”
  • It’s just part of living in a big city.
  • Claim Christians do these things too.
  • Those who object are racist bigots.
  • Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country.
  • Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march.
  • Some lad will sing “Imagine.”
  • Forget the dead.
  • Have articles banging on about how we have to protect Muslims.
  • Ignore the attacker’s religion, motivations, or ideology.
  • Claim Muslims are the real victims.
  • Wait for the next Islamic terrorist attack to happen.


Missing country

“According to an Associated Press article focused on other examples of vehicle attacks around the world, the London attack “was the latest in a string of incidents in which drivers used their vehicles as weapons.” 

The AP then goes on to describe the following incidents:
January 2017 – Melbourne, Australia
December 2016 – Berlin, Germany
July 2016 – Nice, France
December 2014 – Dijon and Nantes, France
October 2014 – Montreal, Canada
June 2007 – Glasgow, Scotland

But which country is conspicuous by its absence?



  1. Did anyone else hear the intellectually challenged Nihil Arthanayake on Radio 5 deliver his astonishingly biased homily (at 1:18:20 into the Afternoon Edition - 1pm start)which offered a false dichotomy of liberal multiculturalism versus hate ideologies ("Daesh" and "the Far Right" - of course who constitutes the "far right" was left conveniently unsaid).

    I object to opposition to multiculturalism being portrayed as socially divisive or hate filled. Most people in this country have no time for race-based ideologies but they also oppose multiculturalism.

    1. Agree. The interesting development is that Nihil and the BBC are increasingly being forced out into the open to preach their political stance. For years it's been dishonestly hidden under a blanket of "right thinking" and abuse of opponents as racists, xenophobes, little Englanders, etc.

    2. You're right. As MacMillan said: "Events, event dear boy."

      The left-liberal elite don't like to have to defend their policies (pro-mass immigration, pro-European integration, pro-multiculturalism). But events are forcing them to be more explicit in their defence.

      With the EU we see they would have preferred for us to sleep-walk into a European superstate. Likewise with mass immigration - they would have preferred for mass immigration to continue and wipe out British culture.

      As for multiculturalism of course the last thing they would want to do is have to defend Sharia as a moral equivalent of our culture. In fact, so dangerous is this issue, that they still cannot address it directly. But at some point events may yet bring this more into focus.


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